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GENRE: Motorsports, Documentary

Mischief 7: JoyRide is the seventh installment of the world's best-selling motorsports documentary. This series has been featured on Dateline NBC, CMT, FOX, MTV and MTV2. Filmed in HD, this two-hour thrill ride is our best movie ever!

Synopsis: The Mischief crew is invited to compete in the JoyRide Rally, a high-end rally, similar to the famous Gumball 3000. Seventy exotics travel from sunny Santa Monica, CA to party city New Orleans, LA. The Mischief crew compete with their rally-battered Porsche 996 and Lamborghini Murcielago. With exotics reaching speeds of up to 200 mph on public highways, police are put on full alert across the country and some participants pay the price for ignoring the posted speed limits. By the rally's end, only one car will make it to the finish line. Who will it be?

The Mischief crew has been busy all year traveling around the U.S. In Florida, they cover the Palm Beach Supercar Weekend and the Cavallino Classic Concorso d'Eleganza. In Michigan, they document the world's largest one-day car event, the Woodward Dream Cruise, and Dado competes at Speedrift Detroit in his infamous turbo M3. Out west, the crew captures the aftermarket industries hottest rides leaving the Sema show in Las Vegas and captures more than one dozen Ferrari FXXs racing on a track in San Francisco. Mischief 7: JoyRide also covers several exotic drives including the Summer Exotix Run in New Jersey. The usual crazy car stunts and skits that make the Mischief series so popular has not been left out! There are three sick "Reckless" style chapters and an auto abuse chapter that you must see to believe!

Mischief 7: JoyRide is real life. No actors. No CGI. The speeds are real. The cops are real. The arrests are real. This isn't Hollywood! With over one million units distributed worldwide and no competition, Mischief is once again taking over the world!

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